[WBE] Extension for my home layout

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 18 July 2017 with 4 Comments

Today, I’ve news from my Hon30 logging layout in out living room. Some while ago, we rearranged out office-corner, so I was able to add the remaining 60cm module with the small bridge and meadow. Now the home layout is in full length and ready to run some trains when ever I like.

To get access to the window, the extension can be removed very quick and easy.

Here’s a small video of the layout, featuering my Maine style Minitrains stuff.

Cheers, Gerd

[MLC] Operation session at Gustavsburg

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 11 July 2017 with 1 Comment

Hi folks,

after a long break, I visited our club layout with the new Moody Lumber Co. I had a supply and work-train with me, hauled by the Shay. The Shay improved very well, strong and powerful, while smooth running. Since I was the only loco on the inner loop, I could run very slow and do some switching on the line.

Usually, the tracks are not that crowded with weeds, but I really welcomed it for the nice “backwood-ish” photos above.

It was also nice to meet all the friends again, which I haven’t seen for several month. On the way back home, I got some ideas to make it easier to load and unload my family-van when going to such sessions. More to comeĀ  in a couple of weeks.

Cheers, Gerd

[MLC] The tale of 3 roof-slats – building a new flat car

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Hello fellows,

once upon a time, three roof slats decided to go and see the world behind the horizon. They liked to see other areas as well as taking on some serious task… They just got rid of being ordinary roof slats.

No issue, the Moody Lumber Co. has its own car-carpentry šŸ˜‰

First, the slats got a sight-seeing tour through the sawmill. They were so excited, that they took a ride through the big circular saw and ended in a bundle of timbers and boards.

Inside theĀ  carpentry, several rows of holes were drilled in equal patterns and finally, the timbers found together as car body frame. To lock them in place, they were bolted with screws and glue.

Some metal parts from the foundry (home-depot) were added and the frame got a nice coat of paint to match the rolling stock at the MLC.

Once the paint got dry, the truss rods were added to the underside and the loading deck got nailed on top (and glued).

Once the road-number #6 is added, the car is ready for service on the Moody Lumber Co.

[LVLC] Operation sesson at Ralf’s layout

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 27 June 2017 with 1 Comment

Hello logging railroaders,

a fey days ago, we visited out Friend Ralf, who invited us for an operation session and BBQ. It was a pleasure for me to run the LVLC trains on Ralf’s layout, since I got my US-logtrains from him many years ago.

It was such a nice afternoon/evening, that we continued the next day as well. Here are some photos of my log trains on his wonderful layout.

A “Resita” makers plate

Posted by Gerd on Sunday, 18 June 2017 with 1 Comment

A few years ago, I found a LIMA plate replica, the manufacturer of the SHAY locomotives. Now I was looking for my second favorite logging loco, the Romanian RESITA. These loco were built in the 1940/50th and served several forest railways in Romania and others. Some are still in operation on tourist lines and a very few even on real log trains sometimes.

Since I couldn’t find any sign for sale, I decided to make my own one.

I searched the internet for a good photo, from which I made a CAD file. The letters and words are milled on the CNC mill and finally assembled to the complete plate.

A coat of acrylic paint gives the finishing touch. Well, its way to bright, accurate and clean to be a “real” makers plate, but I like it and it fit’s well in my collection.

[MLC] Shay #1 is now ready for regular service

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during the children’s treat last week, the Shay proved her power and function during 8 hours of non-stop operation. As reported last week, the loco also showed some issues, which got solved in the meantime.

The packing nut of the front cylinder was self-loosening, so I added locking screws to keep them in place.

Some more effort was the fix to the main engine bracket. One leg was loose and while silver-soldering failed in the first attempt, I welded the parts together (I’m not the best on the welder). Anyhow, now the bracket is strong and sturdy again. Another reason for the dancing cylinder was a missing screw, which holds them to the cylinder columns…

Finally the loco is now back in full operational condition and I look forward to get her into service on one of the club layouts around. As the last photo shows, I removed the winch, since I don’t use her much and I like the loco some more in it’s “typical” Shay look.


[MLC] Children’s treat at Bƶchingen

Posted by Gerd on Tuesday, 6 June 2017 with 1 Comment

Last Sunday, we host a big children’s treat in my home village in celebration of our 1250th anniversary. Beside several games and Bƶchingen’s well known cake buffet, my 5″-gauge live steam railroad became the highlight, not only for the kids. Many elder visitors were fascinated by the steam railroad as well as some of them never seen such a big model train before. Especially a real model steam locomotive, running on coal and water instead of batteries. So the railroad became a highlight for nearly everyone. I didn’t count the laps we made or the number of passengers, but passengers were more than 200 I guess. What I know for sure were out special guests, when our mayor took a ride on my railroad.

This was the first big steam service since the crash from last year and the loco performed well so far, instead for two issues. The minor one was a loosening packing nut, which we simply secured with a wooden wedge. More effort will take the main steam engine bracket, which tend to wind when the engine works on load. I’ll go to install some cross beams to add more stiffness.

[MLC] Daylight for MLC Shay #1

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Hi folks,

last week, I made a simple ramp-construction to get my 2″-scale Shay out of the workshop to the daylight. Since the derailment last year, which caused huge damage to the steam engine, the loco was steamed up for the first time on Thursday.

The Shay worked well and there’s only one issue left, but I can deal with it.

Next I brought my riding cars back on the tracks for some test runs. Later I added some improvements as well and the whole train got prepared for a public run&ride event next Sunday. As you can see, our daughter was also very happy, even if the track is only 10m forth&back.


[WBE] What’s going on on my Hon30 layout ?

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I got asked often in the past month, so I use the time between my large-scale projects for an update.

Since we moved in our new home, the layout found a permanent place. Not stored away in the attic, it’s in operation as shelf layout in the office section of our living room, where I found my space for my model trains.

A few days ago, I even spend own lightning to the layout. The showcases above holds all my H0-scaled narrow gauge trains, the smaller one is for the WBE stuff only. I use to run trains more often than expected. It’s just fun to set up a train from the showcase and run it on the layout, do some switching and then take another train.

Once I found a new place for the printer at the right end of the layout, I’m also able to add another 60cm segment to the layout, which is already build.

Beside the ordinary service, some “strangers” got spotted some while ago… A whiff of “Maine Two Foot” comes to the WBE in form of Minitrains cute F&C stuff. I’ve even some plans for layout extensions for the future, but first, I’ll continue with my large-scale projects.

I look forward to get the matching F&C Forney soon as well šŸ˜‰

Cheers, Gerd

[LVLC] Weathering and storage

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Hi followers,

once all the cars were done, I did the announced airbrush-weathering to all of them at once. I covered the marks from the rebuild, weathered the new trucks and couplers and removed the old road numbers. Such small logging railroads doesn’t need road numbers.

Here are some photos of the finished rolling stock. I showed the weathering steps and details in the boxcar-build-log.

After the weathering, I polished the wheel of the log car trucks to give them a well used look, matching with all the other rolling stock.

At least I had all the rolling stock sitting on the workbench and I was looking for some place (and way) to store them properly. I used wooden crates and secured the cars with some foam pieces. A third box holds the log loads as well. Closed with lids, the rolling stock is stored away from dust and damage.

The boxes got stickers applied and I made a storage rack beside my 2″-scale trains where the rolling stock is out-of-the-way.

A second shelf below will hold the locos, once I’ve built storage boxes for them as well. The live steam Shay is already placed by now.